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In the Breeze
I sense
these floating souls
and angels in the clouds . . .
a silent muse passes softly
sag in the heat,
while crows fight over crumbs
from the gravediggers lunch, and clouds
stand still.
Packing Cartons
with memories
I clear out mother's house...
leaving, I touch the walls that held
her life
FIRST PLACE - Cinquain Poets, October Theme 2008
Amaze Vol 6,No2


Late Fall
The warmth
of mother's shawl
wrapped around our shoulders . . .
how soft it was, resting against
my cheek.

Amaze  Vol.6 No.2


First night
in the mountains
the city kids sees stars . . .
how I gasped at the brilliance of
each gem.
No More

the last oak leaf
catches a breeze and swirls
into a pile of leaves, happy
to leave.

Amaze Vol. 6 N0. 2
Listen . . .
What if
I cannot wait
to see our garden bloom,
will you press a rose for me when
I'm gone?

SP Quill, May 2009 [Shadow Poetry]
Winter Dreams
His voice
whispering low
wrapped in wet summer heat,
slowly planning our life...when he
loved me.

SP Quill, May 2009 [Shadow Poetry]
Under Fire
These boys
were like brothers,
side by side in trenches
still together row by row, miles
from home.

FIRST PLACE - Cinquain Poets, January Theme 2009
Each year
finding his name
through my dark reflection,
touching the etching on the wall
I cry.

SECOND PLACE - Cinquain Poets, January Theme 2009

And So It goes . . .
Girl child
so much like me
that our souls seem entwined...
yet, in you I see my mother

SP Quill, May 2009 [Shadow Poetry]

And still
I hear them all  . . .
those days of long ago,
the sounds of lullabies and life
with you.
filled each moment  . . .
but tonight side by side
for each to hold, we know it's time
to go.
Sleepy Girl
We play
shadow puppets
from her hospital bed...
she makes a small angel to fly
with her.

SECOND PLACE - Cinquain Poets, March Theme 2009

Almost Dawn


waking with me
from a deep vivid dream . . .
the colors and scents of those days

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