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'Picassohead '
Portrait Gallery 2005

 created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia forum


When artists make self-portraits, they may be asking themselves a very basic but difficult question: 
"Who am I?"

One of our recent WHCmultimedia exercises produced an amazing quantity and diversity of submissions as members of  our multimedia forum became passionately involved with the interactive site, Mr. Picasso Head (  We had a contagious outburst of Picassoheadmania as each of us used this site to create a Picassohead self-portrait.  Some of us splintered the visual world into many facets to show who we are; others rendered sumi-e-like visions of themselves and yet others chose to create a likeness that could be interchangeable with ID photographs. Even though were working with the minimal tools of an interactive site, we considered the marriage of our image and one-line haiku. All in all, this was one of the most exciting, memorable exercises this year. We were meeting at the forum all hours of the day and night and just couldn't stay away.;-)

This exercise is still in progress. Next comes a forum discussion of the submissions; after that members who choose to do so may alter their interactive works in their own photo-editing software, adding or revising their haiku (some have already done so -- see the 'fun page' gallery). Lots to look forward to!


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Mr. Picassohead
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works created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia Forum
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