LYNX A Journal for Linking Poetry
XIX:1, February, 2004


Symbiotic Poetry

lynne steele, betty kaplan, doris pearson, mary lee mc clure, cindy tebo, naia, karina klesko, sheila windsor, elaine king, carol raisfeld

cotton candy sunrise   shells slide over my feet /ls

a breakfast bagel with cream cheese and lox  /bk

the small kitten's nose nuzzles the mom's pink nipples /dp

his smile  so nice if it weren't for all those gums/ ml

half the fun was spitting them    seedless watermelon  /naia

pink velveteen tales  of boys in bow ties  /kk

her party dress a match for the bubble-gum in her hair /ml

strawberry Jell-O she flings a spoonful at her sister /ct

chasing leaves    the roses in a little girl's cheeks/sw

clown grins    our lips after raspberry ice  /ek

first snowflakes   on our tongues  /sw

prayer time    her garnet heart picks up the moonlight  /cr



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