WHChaikumultimedia                                                                                        exercise 12
          4/15/05                                                                                                                 instructions

 WHChmm Banner Exercise

Greetings all,
The time has come for our forum to create our very own multimedia Banner!  This is a major undertaking with our chosen design to be displayed on the opening page of our WHChmm website. Please read the directions carefully paying special attention to the size constraints.
A signup list will follow. Hope you will all jump in ... Is that soji going in head first?

This is exciting, folks!

GOAL:  To design a WHChmm Banner for the Internet pages on Yahoo and any journals that may publish our group work.
Up to two submissions in each category in any style artform, total of four.
1a four seasons graphic design.
    -  collage, any style media within an artform, photomontage, sumi-e, digital illustration.
    -  you may consult the kigo database for the seasons.
2)   an illustration/graphic design depicting what our forum is about...
     - who we are, what we do.
     - any style - think paints, brushes, palettes, haiku, digital art, a global family..;-)
   - no haiku necessary and "WHChmm" does not have to appear in the image, but a plus if 
     you find a way to incorporate it into your design.

1. Your final images, including borders, should have as their largest dimension [width or  height]
 360 pixels (the optimum size used for the Yahoo site), at 72 ppi resolution, .jpg images, and should be optimized at maximum optimization. Images must not be more than 28 KB.
  [I suggest working in a larger size, then reducing it to the submission size...check that 
   the clarity remains. Take into consideration images will also be seen as thumbnails]

2.  Name your image as follows: banner-yourname.jpg [no spaces in this name]

If you submit more than one, name them: banner-yourname1.jpg, banner-yourname2.jpg  
      Example: banner-carolraisfeld1.jpg, banner-carolraisfeld2.jpg
3.   Do not include your name in the image

    - have fun and use your arsenal of filters and special effects...or not.;-)
    - you might want to create forum colors to identify us.
    - use a simple artistic design to enhance and define your banner.
    - experiment as we always do...try different media within a single artform.
    - some of the most memorable banners are simple graphics, depicting one or more 
      outstanding features of a group.
    - the seasonal banners may be used and rotated year round...the other design might be  
      used in our personal notes and cards, but that's another project..;-)
We have been exploring the myriad possibilities within the realm of multimedia, so remember,
 be brave and creative...think elegant and simple.

Feel free to workshop your images onlist, as we normally do.
Remember, we are all at different levels of expertise and work well together on our  projects...
9. DEADLINE: April 15, 2005
 You may begin submitting your designs from now until the deadline.
*Posting is not the same as submitting with the proper ID on your images.

Please alert any of your multimedia  friends who may be on digest and not checking their email.

Ask any questions on or off list throughout our banner adventure ;-)

Continue to submit whatever other work you are doing...and wish to share with all of us.

Oh, our own Banner...yippee!
Have a great time! 
Carol ;~)

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Linda and I have discussed having the WHChmm Banner as an ongoing project. We have some great entries and we don't know how we could possibly choose one. Sometime next week we will start posting them on our website.  They'll be shown in succession, a different one each month. We will begin with the current submissions and as new banners are created they will be added to the queue. Watch for our Banner Page on the Exercise Index this weekend and enjoy.  As an ongoing project, the banner will certainly give us the time to explore possibilities as well as having everyone's work displayed. It's going to be nice to have an exciting new banner each month.;-)
Thanks to all who are participating, and we hope everyone will join in and submit a banner for the family.