Biography  ~ 2010

Carol Raisfeld lives in Atlantic Beach, New York. Photography and poetry are an integral part of her life,
as well as yoga and boxing. Her hobbies include sailing, chess, sculpting and painting.    
As an inventor, she holds US and foreign design patents in the field of interactive soft toy design.
Carol  serves as Director of WHChaikumultimedia and has served as
Multimedia Editor for World Haiku Review, Associate Editor and Haiga Editor for Simply Haiku and as a member of the editorial board of Modern Haiga.

She holds membership in The Haiku Society of America, The Tanka Society of America, The World Haiku Association, The Academy of American Poets.

Her poetry and photography have appeared in The Poetry Protocol, Photo-Haiku Anthology, Frogfest,2 PhotoHaiku.netThe Green Leaf Files,, Temps Libres-Free Times, The World Haiku Review, HSA Members' Anthologies, Haigaonline, Wild Flowers, New Leaves-Collection of World Haiku, Charnwood Arts, Ku Nouveau, edge of  light: The Red Moon Anthology, Haiku Pacific Rim, The Daily Yomiuri, Frogpond, The Heron's Nest, Simply Haiku, Autumn Leaves, Full Moon Magazine, Modern English Tanka, The Dreaming Room Anthologymoonset The Newspaper, TSA Journal Ribbons, Amaze:The Cinquain Journal 2007-The Adelaide Award, Ash Moon Anthology, Modern Haiga 2008 print & digital, SP Quill Magazine 2009, Muse India 2009, Modern Haiga: 2009 print and digital, TSA Anthology 2009, Atlas Poetica 5, Spring 2010, Haigaonline:Guest Editor-Editor's Choice,
wortART  With Words-The 1000 Verse Renga, GeanTree Vol.2, Issue 1, La lune dans les cheveux, Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka vol 2,

Carol's poetry, art and photography have appeared worldwide in print, online journals and anthologies.  Websites: &