Ash Moon Anthology



the new dress,

a moving garden

of peonies …

she smiles and I see                                         
her mother again 

we gather acorns,
laughing as music flares
in the park  . . .
most of all I remember
the joy in her smile


visiting day .  . .
at noon, her eyes quiet
as she rocks
back and forth singing
the same child's song

in dying light
the doctor touches mother’s
uncombed hair . . .

old knotty willows brush

the windows with snow



in the hospice
she whispers "hold me"
and pressing
into the beat of my heart                           
she lets go . . .
he breakfasts

in his son's kitchen

sipping tea

from her favorite cup  



looking up,
mother loved the night sky;
her eyes smiling . . .                                
can I open her grave               
to let the starlight in?




in the hospice; Modern English Tanka 6 – Winter 2007 

looking up; Modern English Tanka 6 – Winter 2007 




the snow
falling all day, by the fire
you curl closer . . .
was it so long ago
we played in the cold?
all the years
of fitting our bodies together
and still
heat spirals at your touch
. . . your mouth, magic
sparking memories,
I talk about the children . . .
in the quiet
touching your cheek's curve,
you don't know my name
so many stars!
how will I find you
the moon, please
still be there for me
the winter wind
swirls a light brown leaf
the color
of my mother's shawl . . .
I can still feel its softness
you doze
to the sound of my voice,
my face a moment ago . . .
please, don't go away
wedding day
she treats herself
to a bikini wax  -
her grandma's moustache
newly bleached
the snow,
it seems heavier
this year . . .
your back, my back,
resting side by side
nodding into sleep
the breath of the moon
on your back;
I pull you closer, holding
the light between us.

how bittersweet

that last look in your eyes

knowing all

the might-have-beens

now are truly gone  



pink slippers
crossed, she lingers
over tea . . .
sympathy cards
catch the winter light
at the reunion
in the middle of a crowd
we hugged . . .
a smile to melt the winter
he stayed the night
© 2007 by Carol Raisfeld


all the years; Modern English Tanka 6 – Winter 2007
sparking memories;
Modern English Tanka 6 – Winter 2007
nodding into sleep; Modern English Tanka. Spring 2007
how bittersweet;
TSA Journal, Ribbons Summer 2006



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