Modern English Tanka

Autumn 2007 



running up
the subway steps, I blink
into the sunlight
past the shoeshine manó
you, waiting
                      with flowers

finally home
wet by sudden rain, we dry
each other . . .
outside, a neon blinks stars
onto the slick street

a drone of lazy fans
in the dank air;
he kisses a bead of sweat
on my nape

a city asleep
in the rain, rivulets
find their way . . .
eyes closed, I stroke
the curve of your back

the window
half-open to city sounds . . .
at midnight
a mouse comes in
with the moon  

slipping into sleep
my smile against his chest;
could it be the wine?
on the stoop, an old man
hums the blues

© 2007 by Carol Raisfeld



Works created by Carol Raisfeld are copyright
       and not to be copied or used in any way without  written permission.