Modern English Tanka

Spring 2007 


she bends
to collect her tip
and smiles,
aching to be touched
by knowing hands

I suck
the brandy from
his finger
before love; whispering
promises of much more

refuge from reality
in a night of shooting stars
I open to him . . .
in half-light, the pleasure
in each other’s eyes

near you
my senses soar;
heart racing,
candles dim as your
slow hands please me

falling up
into the stars from
a cradle of sand . . .
nestled close beside you
I turn and taste the night

with quickening
pace, your breath at my
throat, dissolving me . . .
in waves, I sink into heaven
with you deep inside

time together
in the warmth of dreams
on sultry nights
how softly we pillow
our souls entwined

stolen moments
in morning shadows;
the softness
of her every breath
an angel’s whisper

nodding into sleep
the breath of the moon
on your back;
I pull you closer, holding
the light between us.

side by side
we wake to the rush of
an ordinary day . . .
your lips graze my cheek
the scent of love lingers

ceiling shadows
move with the rain;
your touch
lingers, making today
anything but ordinary

a last look
at the room of passion
and loss;
in the rearview mirror
a curtain of dust

I still think
about that evening
at summer’s end
and the dark-haired stranger;
he loved me all night long

my poems, will you
read them to your lover
weary, I watch the pale stars
light your way home

coming from afar
the memory of his touch
taking me;
the softness of whispers
still wrapped in heat

the earth softened
and we planted tulips
when he loved me . . .
“whisper my name softly
once more before you go?”

© 2007 Carol Raisfeld



Works created by Carol Raisfeld are copyright
       and not to be copied or used in any way without  written permission.