Tanka Society of America


in the park
a rapper weaving rhymes
of love and pain . . .
he stares into my eyes;
I drop coins in the hat

TSA Journal  Ribbons
Winter 2007 ~ Tanka Cafe


by the pond
orange blossoms
one by one  . . .
eyes closed, our shadows
bend to the scent 

Summer 2007 TSA Journal, Ribbons 


in the heat
our oars glide, dipping
into the moon . . .
the air thick with jasmine
and whispered love     

TSA Journal  Ribbons
Summer 2007
~ Tanka Cafe


kissing hello
again, the smile
I remember
how it  turns itself loose
at the edge of your lips.

TSA Journal  Ribbons
Spring 2007 - Editor's Choice


amid good-byes, 
the flowered couch on which
I became a woman . . .
the bus heading west
is warm, with dreams

TSA Journal Ribbons
Spring  2007
~ Tanka Cafe


how bittersweet

that last look in your eyes
knowing all
the might-have-beens
now are truly gone

Summer 2006 TSA Journal, Ribbons


sunday service
in the soft light
her nape
begs to be caressed
as if I knew all of her

Winter 2006 TSA Journal, Ribbon




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