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 8/04                                                                                                                                        instructions

Bug Art Renga -- Instructions
A Global Collaboration

13 artists *
 a collaborative series of linked images  
. . .

 *artists' names are listed at the bottom of the page.

  It is necessary that everyone pay careful attention to the following instructions.

                                                             EXERCISE #8 -  Bug Renga

  To present a Bug Art Renga (lit. linked image) using bug images exchanged between artists over the Internet... 
a collaborative creative system in which new works are developed by "quoting" from or adding directly
  to another's work. By repeating this process, each artist will contribute a new original bug image to the link
  in the series of works.
  Twelve artists will exchange images in a round robin (twice), so that by the end of the renga each artist will
   have created two images.


 1. Your final images, including borders, should be 550 X 550 pixels, should be at 72 ppi resolution, should be
     .jpg images, and should be optimized at maximum optimization.
     The size of the seed image must be retained through the linking process.
     Images must not be more than 250 KB.

 2. A 'bug' seed image has been chosen and appears on the Bug Thumbnail page.
    The list of artists is in alphabetical order and numbered. That is
the order in which the images are passed
    from one to another.
    Artists must stay in that order until the Renga is finished.

. There are no rules regarding backlinking. Inspirational turns are desirable and linking of images made by  
    spontaneous thoughts can bring delightful results. There is usually a borrowing of something from the previous  
    artists that might run through the entire renga, whether it be an idea, a shape, a color, or pieces of previous     

    images...and yes, you can borrow from all over the renga to make a brilliant new original. Free association and  
   spontaneity can be creativity at its finest.

 4. Backgrounds are at the whim of the artist.

 5. Each artist must introduce a new type of bug, while retaining no less than 3/4 of the previous bug...
   ...dead or alive.
   Remember to be careful not to repeat those that are already crawling around.

   You may obtain your bug images from any source. They may be your own photo or art creation, or from the 
    internet, but please respect copyright requests.

 6. If your bug travels with friends, such as the termite, by all means your termite is welcome to have a few friends
    to chat with. Please use good judgment by not invading the entire image and obscuring other inhabitants.
    Try to keep relative size in mind.

 7. Number, initial and name your image in your email and in your jpeg --
    (please keep titles short--four words at the most)

     Example: #4/cr--  ladybugs that lunch.

 8. When completed,
email your attached image (with #, initials, and name) to the next artist with a copy to me at:

    Images will be posted on this site as work progresses.


10. All the renga correspondence, including questions will be on list rather than through
      off-list channels.


    First submission: Monday 8/2.

    Turn around time is 24 hours. This Renga is an aesthetic of free association and spontaneity.
    It is about individual creativity being inspired by the previous artists work, so just go for it...
    your first creative thoughts are usually your best!

   Be brave! Don't be timid about altering the previous artist's work or ideas...be inspired and incorporate
   them into your new original work of art.

As always, we will comment on-list so we can discuss the magic of Renga.

  With time and space posing no obstacles, this renga will certainly reflect the dynamics of our group. As our
  connecting thoughts are visually expressed, more than likely an unexpected theme will emerge... without one 
  written or spoken word. Amazing isn't it?

  Have a great time...and of course, a buggy one....;-)

     Carol ~~


 ~ *Bug  Renga Artists  ~

    1. ashe/a    ashe@thegreenleaf.co.uk
            2. Carol Raisfeld /cr    LaaRouge@aol.com
           3. Darrell Byrd /db    dbyrd37@yahoo.com
              4. Gillena  Cox /gc  gillena2001@yahoo.com

Jim Swift /js      jswift@alberni.net
            6. Karina Klesko /kk  Karina3884@aol.com
            7. Laryalee Fraser /lf  laryalee@yahoo.com
Linda Papanicolaou /lp  paplinda@yahoo.com
                     9. Mary Angela Nangini /man nangini@baxter.net
           10. Mike Rehling /mr mrehling@haikuhut.co
         11. Brook /bmm haikubrook@earthlink.net
                     12. Ron Moss /rm ron.moss@education.tas.gov.au
 13. soji - /s soji@haikupoetshut.com


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Art Renga created by members of the WHChaikumultimedia Forum